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About FocusVision

Founded in 1990 by two leading market researchers, FocusVision Worldwide is the world leader in applying videoconferencing and other technologies for qualitative research. Each month the company transmits hundreds of live focus groups from top-rated facilities around the world directly to client company offices.

With a full-time staff of engineers, project coordinators and account directors, FocusVision provides seamless service so that clients can get first-hand customer opinion without the time, expense, and wear & tear associated with travel. Over 240 marketing companies now use the FocusVision service, including more than half of Advertising Age's top 100 advertisers and scores of Fortune 500 companies.

Products & Services


Live video transmission of focus groups over the Internet. View projects right from your PC anywhere in the world. Archiving and digital CD recording included.


Live video transmission of focus groups directly to client videoconferencing rooms. Moving cameras, two-way debriefing, broadcast quality - the highest quality viewing experience you can get.


The FocusVision Librarian is a new enhanced VideoStreaming archive and long-term storage solution for focus group video and documents. Librarian safely stores past and current focus group research in a searchable, online library instantly accessible to colleagues anywhere in the world.


FocuVision have added video to online focus groups so you can now hear and see your respondents. Display stimuli, poll respondents, chat to the moderator, and much more.


Digital CD recording, editing, and archiving of focus group projects. Create bookmarks and notes linked to video and video clips for presentations. Store all video and documents in a searchable, online library.


Produced by court certified stenographers within 48 hours, and synchronized to your video. Nobody makes a verbatim transcript faster.

Special Services

FocusVision has programs for applying their products and services to your projects. Global Services for international researchers speed up project completion, save wear & tear allow you to do better research anywhere in the world. SmartStudies™ provides tools for moderators & research suppliers to maximize the value of client studies.

The Benefits of Using FocusVision

The benefits of the FocusVision service are only magnified on a regional or global basis because of the distance involved. In addition, FocusVision offers the following unique features:

  • A network of high quality focus facilities throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America experienced in dealing with large multinational clients and research companies.
  • Simultaneous language translation so distant viewers can hear what is being spoken in their language of choice.
  • Trained technicians at the facility site, and project backup by six full time engineers in FocusVision's Stamford, CT technical centre, to ensure an optimal viewing experience every time.
  • Direct communication with the backroom and two-way moderator debriefing. Total project coordination by experienced staff which know every facility in the network first hand.
  • More people throughout a company can have direct access to customer or consumer opinions (Key decision makers, agency creatives, marketing, packaging, R&D).
  • Reduce project cycle times so you and your company can get to market faster.
  • Save time, have less aggravation, and boost productivity since you or your team will be in the office working instead of waiting in lines at the airport.
  • Save significantly on travel costs from hundreds of thousands of dollars to, in some cases, millions of dollars - which will give you more budget to work with, and make senior management happy.

Your Access to a World Class Facility Network

FocusVision offers client researchers and moderators the largest network of top-rated focus facilities in the world, plus the opportunity to choose among multiple sites in all major markets. These facilities have been selected for membership based on client input, excellent recruiting, and a service reputation for making every project a rewarding experience. All are experienced in handling the FocusVision service. All are equipped with interactive videoconferencing systems specially designed for focus research. This means you always have a great viewing experience no matter where you go in the network.

The list of member facilities in FocusVision's Network is updated monthly for your reference on their website at

If you would like more information about some of the key technologies that are being implemented into viewing facilities, please click here

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