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Launched in 2006, ViewingFacilities.com is a comprehensive and easy-to-use reference guide detailing the leading focus group facilities in the USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

The directory can assist research professionals and clients with finding and comparing focus group facilities - search our database by location, services provided, equipment available, etc...

What is a Viewing Facility?

Viewing Facilities (also known as Focus Group Facilities and Viewing Studios) are premises that provide a professional venue for conducting market research interviews, particularly group discussions (also known as focus groups or depth interviews). Viewing facilities are equipped with audio and video recording equipment that allows the discussion to be recorded which can then be analysed by the moderator at a future date. A viewing facility will have observation suites where clients can unobtrusively observe respondents either by video link or through a one-way mirror while the discussion is in progress.

Viewing facilities can differ widely in terms of size, cost, technology available and the range of services provided by the facility which can include group recruitment and group moderation. In the USA and most of Europe, the majority of qualitative market research is carried out in viewing facilities.

Who Uses a Viewing Facility Directory?

The directory is of particular use to the following sectors:

  • Market Research Agencies and Fieldwork Companies who are conducting research in a particular area can use the directory to quickly find a suitable facility for a project by comparing services, cost and the equipment available in each facility.
  • End-clients who would like to find a viewing facility for a research project can identify a facility with the services and technologies they require.
  • Group Recruiters can use the directory to source a viewing facility in a particular area and learn more about the facilities that are currently operating in their own area.

Why Use a Viewing Facility?

Viewing facilities provide an ideal environment for group discussions to occur, offering the client an in-depth understanding of how their product or service is perceived by certain sections of the population, as well as how to improve their product or service.

The majority of viewing facilities provide audio and video recording, one-way mirror (video-link) observation, hostessing, and catering services. Other services which may be offered, depending on the type of facility include remote viewing for clients (web streaming), and web usability testing.

Research Buyer's Guide

If you would like more information on finding and hiring a viewing facility please, click here.


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